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The widespread of wireless networks and smart wireless devices has realized a ubiquitous communication environment connecting to networks anywhere. With the emergence of applications based on communication, the demand for enhanced network quality and speed is increasing. To meet these demands and achieve further advancements in network quality and capacity, it is crucial to efficiently utilize wireless and network resources. In this laboratory, cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms, quantum algorithms, and other technologies are applied to aim for the realization of high-efficiency Beyond 5G/6G and IoT. Collaboration with other universities and research institutions is actively pursued, covering a wide range of research themes from fundamentals to applications.

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Recent Research Themes

  1. Optimization in Beyond 5G / 6G, and research on the application of artificial intelligence.
  2. Application of reinforcement learning / photonic computing to wireless communication systems.
  3. Ultra-fast optimization of wireless communication systems using Ising machines / quantum annealing.
  4. Research on protocols and communication methods for large-scale IoT.
  5. Optimization in large-scale IoT, and research on the application of artificial intelligence.
  6.  Research on wireless communication systems for cybernetic avatars/robots.

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Hasegawa Laboratory

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