M2段増朝、M1金政広志の論文が Nonlinear Theory and its Applications, IEICEに掲載

  • M2段増朝、M1金政広志の論文が Nonlinear Theory and its Applications, IEICEに掲載されました。
    1. M2 段増朝
      論文タイトル:User pairing using laser chaos decision maker for NOMA systems
      著者:Zengchao Duan,Aohan Li,Norihiro Okada,Yusuke Ito,Nicolas Chauvet,Makoto Naruse,Mikio Hasegawa

    2. M1 金政広志
      論文タイトル:Dynamic channel bonding in WLANs by hierarchical laser chaos decision maker
      著者:Hirosi Kanemasa,,Aohan Li,Yusuke Ito,Nicolas Chauvet,Makoto Naruse,Mikio Hasegawa


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